Yogesh Mehta

CEO, Petrochem

Driven by determination and a need to thrive, Yogesh Mehta established Petrochem in 1995 and ever since, the company has gone from strength to strength to become the largest independent petrochemical distributor in the Middle East with offices in Dubai, Taiwan, Singapore, Mumbai and Shanghai. One of the foremost business leaders of the region, Mr Mehta, a Harvard Business School alumnus, believes not only in building strong relationships with clients but also nurturing his employees as his greatest assets. Today, he looks after a billion-dollar company which exports more than 700,000 metric tonnes of products worldwide, has a healthy cash flow and a reputation for quality. But it’s not all work and no play for this genial industrialist. His passion for music and the arts have led him to patronise and promote Indian classical and artistic heritage with a rare vigour which has contributed richly to the cultural landscape of Dubai.