Saher Shaikh

Philanthropist and Founder, The Adopt-a-Camp Foundation

Saher Shaikh, the founder of Adopt-a-Camp, a charity which aims to improve the lives of thousands of workers, is a woman on a mission. Her moment of epiphany came a few years ago, when she noticed a labourer struggling to pay for his lunch (a small bread roll and a tiny bottle of laban) while shopping at a supermarket. It was her son’s birthday and she wanted to help the man without injuring his dignity. She told him to take anything he wanted from the store because it was her son’s birthday but all he did was to take a small strawberry milk bottle. An experience that stayed with her but prompted her to think how the workers led their lives. Born and raised in England with roots in Pakistan and Afghanistan before moving to Canada where she did her MBA in banking, Saher eventually visited a labour camp and realised her mission. Today her Adopt-a-Camp Foundation is a UN recognized registered foundation improving the lives of over 57,000 labourers, families and communities. Additionally, the foundation distributes Ramadan care packages to thousands of workers. Every time a labourer ups himself, it gives Saher yet another reason to flash her beaming smile.