Rizwan Sajan

Chairman, Danube Group

It’s said that whatever Rizwan Sajan touches, turns to gold. The man with the Midas touch, was 28 when he came to Dubai in 1992 to work in a hardware store on a meagre salary. His background – he had left for India after the Kuwait invasion and was looking for an opportunity in the building material’s space that he specialized in and a friend offered him a job. Cut to 25 years later, today he is Chairman, Danube Group that has worth its weight in billions. Highly awarded and rewarded, Rizwan branched out to several associated products that include home furnishings, real estate, fashion and even tea chains! Each of it is a defined separate entity within the Danube umbrella, flowing incessantly like the Danube river the group is named after.

Passionate about Bollywood, his son’s Adel’s Hindi film inspired wedding aboard a cruise ship, flying in 1,200 guests and a bevy of Bollywood celebrities, made headlines around the world. Simple, hard-working and diligent, Rizwan Sajan embodies the Dubai dream. That if you dream big and work hard with a humungous amount of focus and determination, the sky is the limit!