Harmeek Singh

Founder and CEO, Plan b

The man behind Plan b, Harmeek Singh’s path to the top began with a plan B. Harmeek arrived in the UAE in 2003 after his family’s business in India – then the second-biggest electronics manufacturer in the country – closed owing to increased competition in China. Starting small at a Dubai based advertising company, within only two years, Singh was earning Dhs 200,000 per month and set up his own business, launching Plan b advertising with himself as the sole employee. Determination, focus and hard-work is what paved the way ahead for Harmeek. Today, he employs over 300 people with its headquarters in Dubai and offices in Abu Dhabi, Delhi and London which includes Plan b Advertising, Plab b Events, SiO2 Events and the group’s PR, social media & strategy wing bSocial. He is also headlining a massive project – the Dubai Women’s Run in November 2017. When he is not working (which is rare), Harmeek writes poetry, penning down his thoughts, experiences and emotions in verse.